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Rentals / Rates

Single and tandem kayaks, paddle boards and kayak/SUP hybrids may be rented by the hour, full day, 24 hours, or for multiple days. Meet us at our Yelvik’s Beach location for walk-in hourly kayak rentals during the summer. In the shoulder seasons (spring & fall) stop in our office first or call from the beach. If the driveway to the beach is roped off, just let yourself through and latch it behind you.

Single Kayaks & Hybrid Paddle Boards
  • 1.5 Hour Minimum $35
  • Additional 1/2 Hours $10
  • Full Day (3.5 to 7 hours) $70
  • 24 Hours $85
  • 2 to 3 days $115
  • Multi-day Special (2 single kayaks or paddleboards for 2 to 3 full days) $199

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Tandem (Double) Kayaks
  • 1.5 Hour Minimum $60
  • Additional 1/2 Hours $15
  • Full Day (4 to 7 hours) $125
  • 24 Hours $145
  • Multi-day Special (1 tandem kayak for 2 to 3 full days) $199

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Testimonials & Reviews

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New to sea kayaking. Christina was very patient and helpful in giving us tips. We thoroughly enjoyed our impromptu overnight sea[...] Mike S
Christina was a great combination of both professional and very knowledgeable guide. Having been a marine biologist[...] Lori and Chad of Minneapolis, MN
The owner Christina was extremely helpful. I chose to do an overnight trip, I didn’t have any set plans on where to go[...] Gunnar L. of Bellingham, WA
We just completed a delightful trip in the Hood Canal with Christina. She is extremely knowledgable and fun to be with[...] Lorraine D. of Livingston, TX
We took a two-hour tour with Kayak Brinnon. Christina, the owner of this operation, was fantastic[...] Mika M. of Oakland, CA
Go kayaking! Just off Highway 101 in Brinnon, find the little turquoise shack that is home to Kayak Brinnon[...] ParentMap Magazine
January, froze my ass off (along with my fingers, so couldn’t even massage any additional circulation in there)[...] Thomas M. of Bellevue, WA

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